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14 X (4.45 Warsaw time): Philipp Pilhofer (Humboldt Universität Berlin), ‘A very pleasant spot to walk and spend time’ – Thecla’s cave at Seleucia


Thecla from Iconium had her major shrine at Ayatekla, near Seleucia (today Silifke): Ancient texts praise the tranquillity of Thecla's sanctuary with her cave, it is even related that Thecla herself 'spends most of her time in this cave'. Up until today the grotto under the main church is acclaimed as the origin of the cult site, even continuity with older pagan cults at this place is taken as granted. In the seminary session, Philipp Pilhofer presents the results of current research and reevaluates the archaeological, epigraphical, and literary sources to set the stage to discuss new interpretations togehter.