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28 V: Aleksander Bursche & Kirył Myzgin (UW), Gockie inwazje połowy III wieku: archeologia, numizmatyka i Scythica Vindobonensia

Na seminarium 28 maja wystąpią  Aleksander Bursche i Kirył Myzgin (UW), z referatem Gockie inwazje połowy III wieku: archeologia, numizmatyka i Scythica Vindobonensia. Plik z wystąpieniem dostępny jest tutaj (trwa 62 minuty). Dyskusja nad  wystąpieniem rozpocznie się o 17.45, na platformie Google.Mets pod zwykłym linkiem (osoby nie znające go, proszone są o kontakt z Robertem Wiśniewskim).


In a text published in 2013, A. Bursche introduced the proposition that the imperial treasury was looted by the Goths when they crushed the Roman army at Abritus in AD 251. The large number of new archaeological, numismatic and even written (Scythica Vindobonensia) sources, obtained since that time now provides a broader context for this phenomenon. Next to a large number of third-century aurei found in western Ukraine, the record has been augmented by categories of Roman imports previously almost unknown in this region – Roman bronze vessels, metal elements of Roman horse harness and belts, military diplomas from the period of the Principate, and Roman provincial bronze coins from the Balkan mints. We propose to interpret these objects mostly as plunder from the Gothic invasions in the Balkan provinces around AD 250. These finds form a concentration between the middle Dnieper, the upper reaches of the Southern Bug (Boh) and the middle Dniester, identified by the authors as the homeland of Goths who took part in the invasions on the Balkan provinces and the Battle of Abritus of AD 251, the cradle of the archaeological Chernyakhiv culture, the Gothic power centre and the future "kingdom of Ermanaric" mentioned by Jordanes.