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4 III: Philippe Blaudeau (Université d’Angers), A disgruntled/unfortunate Alexandrian: geo-ecclesiological remarks on the Egyptian stages of Patriarch Paul the Black's course (565-566; 575-576)


In many ways, Paul the Black, unwittingly become patriarch of Antioch (564) is a well documented and fascinating figure. His very special relationship with Alexandria, from where he originates, is to be investigated. In two occasions indeed (566/575), he seems to be involved in attempts to control the Severan patriarcal see. In vain. Those failures are of great interest, not only because they reveal how difficult it was for him to to be considered as Theodosius’ heir, but also because they are key moments in the reshaping of miaphysite communion. Thus, they implies important geo-ecclesial issues, of which several of our significant witnesses,  as John of Ephesus and Sergius the Hermit for example, are well aware.