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Harmonogram // Schedule

Semestr Letni / Winter semester 2022 (always on Thursday, 4.45 p.m. Warsaw time, Library of Papyrology and Roman Law or Room 209 at the Faculty of Law) and on Zoom.


24 February Adam Ziółkowski (UW), Reading Iordanes in the third decade of the 21st c.: some thoughts on Getica’s Ostrogotha and Skythika’s Ostrogouthos.

3 March Katharina Rieger (UW/Universität Graz), Filling some gaps: Settlements and life-strategies between the Nile Delta and the Gulf of Sollum from Roman to Byzantine times.

10 March Daniel Syrbe (FernUniversität in Hagen), A world of small towns and nomads. The Mauretania provinces of the Roman Empire as ‘areas of limited statehood’ (1st - 6th c.)?

17 March Carlos Machado (St Andrews), Looking for the poor in late antique Rome: identity, knowledge, and power.

24 March: Ewa Wipszycka (UW), Symonia: dlaczego niełatwo ją badać. Komentarz do dwóch Nowel Justyniana (Nov. 56; 123,3 i 16)

31 March Luke Lavan (University of Kent), Ephesus in Late Antiquity: Urban landscapes from architectural reuse

7 April  Delphine Lauritzen (Sorbonne Université), Monasticism as the dreamlife of Angels: a twist of perspective

21 April Juliette Day (University of Helsinki), The contexts and contents of baptismal catechesis in the 4th century

28 April Aleksander Paradziński (UW), The boundaries of genre from Aristotle to Isidore of Seville – Can history be versified?

5 May Arietta Papaconstantinou (University of Reading), The monks and the consul: status and precedence in the resolution of a debt dispute (P.Oxy. LXIII 4397).

12 May Emiliano Bronisław Fiori (Università Ca' Foscari Venezia), Re-thinking the hereafter in Egypt during the Origenist crisis: The Apocalypse of Paul.

19 May David Frankfurter (Boston University), The Supernatural vulnerabilities of domestic space in Late Antique Egypt (according to magical amulets).

26 May Hajnalka Tamás (New Europe College, Bucarest), Christian Recommendation Practices in Late Antiquity (4th – 5th Centuries AD): Canons, Authors, and Evidence from Papyri

2 June Julia Borczyńska (UW), Haec quicumque vides nimio perfecta labore, desine mirari, minus est quam martyr habetur.'Epigrammata pseudodamasiana and the culture of commemoration and patronage of Roman city elites in the 4th-6th centuries.

9 June Phil Booth (University of Oxford), The Second Arab Siege of Constantinople (717-18): Crucible of the Copts?

15 June Ian Wood (University of Leeds), Christian economics in the fifth and sixth centuries.